Second Charge Mortgages

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Second charge or second mortgages

bridging loan

✔️ Add a second mortgage to your property


✔️ Max Loan up to 75% Loan To Value


✔️ Loan size from £100,000


✔️ Interest rate from 4.5% pa


✔️ Access 100s of lenders


A second charge mortgage is a loan that sits behind a first charge mortgage. For example, if you have a mortgage with Halifax, Santander, TSB or any other high street lender. You keep that loan and we can arrange a second mortgage, from a different lender.

Client require this if the wish to raise additional capital and their current lender will not offer such as facility. Due to a a change in circumstances in income requirements.

Do you remember the MCF_Bots? They have unique algorithms to assess your circumstances.

Be sure to have a conversation with a human’s to go over it all with you.

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