Short Term Finance

Short Term Sources Of Finance

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#1 What It Does

Many people who require short term sources of finance own a property and sometimes more than one. This can help with cross-collateralization loans.

Sometimes the property is unencumbered; at other times there is a medium loan to value first charge mortgage outstanding. If this is the case and we can’t knock out the first charge lender, then a second charge may be appropriate. If you have a property with no outstanding debt, we can use a first charge lender.

#2 Why you should use it

If you want to secure another asset. Some people’s businesses may need shoring up with some short term finance but they may not have enough equity in the business whilst waiting for funds to come in. Sometimes a once-in-a-lifetime deal presents itself and there is no cash around to secure the opportunity.  You could use this product for a business opportunity, to purchase another property, or for something else.

#3 Who is it for

Short term finance is for people with a property that we can raise funding against. Usually, the client will not need to disclose income and a maximum term up to 24 months can be offered. There will, however, have to be an exit strategy in place.

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Short Term Sources Of Finance

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) may regulate your loan. If your loan is regulated we can deal with your application. It must be submitted through an FCA regulated intermediary.