Bridging Loan Calculator

Bridging Finance Calculator

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In this article we go deep into the mechanics of the Bridging Finance Calculator and how the calculation should affect your decision. Remember, after reading the article, if anything is unclear feel free to reachout.

Bridging Finance Calculator

When calculating a bridging loan consider other factors such as:

  • Return of Equity
  • Return On Costs
  • Cost to Equity
  • Development Margin
  • Overall position

That’s why when clients speak to us we always take a 360 degree view as there may be other opportunities to optimise your position when using our Bridging Finance Calculator.

Cost of Bridging Loan Calculator

Our internal calculator cost of bridging loan calculator is free charge and our fees are collected on competition of the loan.

The cost varies but the things to consider are arrangement fee, exit fee, solicitors cost, surveyors costs. Depending on the size of the loan these costs will change. 

Arrangement fee – this is typically a 2% fee overall loan taken out on day one.

The Exit Fee – this is usually incorporated into the arrangement fee but some lenders will be 1% – in and 1% out.

Solicitors – this will go up with the value of the loan due to complexity or /and the firm requires a huge indemnity premium to cover any liability if it should be triggered at a later date.

Surveyors – this will be the same as the solicitors but the quote will be unique due to the property type. I.e value, land, refurbishment of a flat or refurbishment of a house or a full on development.

Bridging Loan Rates Calculator

Rates vary depending on the acquisition type, the borrower’s profile, loan to value. Rates are as low as 3% per annum which is extremely good value.  We have access to 100’s of lenders so worth getting a quote.

Consider, that its much more complicated to just quote rates for a bridging loan. Understanding how the finance works and metrics such as:


  • Return of Equity
  • Return On Costs
  • Cost to Equity
  • Development Margin
  • IRR
  • NPV

are solid considerations that all should have an impact on the bridging loan you decide to run with. This is why we are offering a free manual calculation to give you a broader view of the financial position.

Why you should use it

To purchase a development or refurbish a property. You require capital for the construction costs. You require capital for a business venture and have a property with little to no debt. If you have outstanding debt you could use a second charge bridging loan. If you have no more than 18-24 months, a clear purpose of the loan, and an exit strategy to pay the bridging loan back.

Who is it for

Property developers/investors, entrepreneurs/ business owners or people looking to purchase a property on the open market, or at an auction. You may have great credit or adverse credit in the background ? Such as a CCJ, a CVA or missed bill payment(s).

Calculate Your Bridging Finance Here

When using the calculator we will not perform any credit checks, nor will we pass your information to any third parties without your prior consent. We are obligated to protecting your personal data.

No Hidden Fees, No Nasty Surprises

No Credit Check, No Income Required. This is a non status finance.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) may regulate your loan. If your loan is regulated we can deal with your application. It must be submitted through an FCA regulated intermediary.